Electro - Equiscope® Training & Therapy
Painless • Effective Therapy

Electro - Equiscope® Training & Therapy
Painless • Effective Therapy

Electro-Equiscope Power Protocols

Greetings Everyone, Did you know that

The Body is an Electrical Masterpiece?

The brain, spinal cord and nerves are only the beginning of this extraordinary electrical system that also includes trigger points, acupuncture points, meridians and even chakras.

With the Electro-Equiscope we can apply intelligent micro-current directly to any point on the body and almost always get relief quickly because the device finds impedance in the tissue and corrects it.   To be even more effective, we can incorporate the  associating acupuncture points or trigger points.

Below are examples of how to use highly conductive points to support the body in healing itself.

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Power Protocols

SP6 & ST 36 Menstrual Cramping and So Much More

At our trainings we teach a Menstrual Cramping protocol that incorporates two highly conductive points known at Stomach 36 (ST36) and Spleen 6 (S6).

We found the protocol can also be helpful with hot flashes so we also call it a Hormone Balancing Protocol but really it is a way more powerful protocol than that for women and men.

According to a local acupuncturist, “ST36 is one of most powerful points for digestion,  Zu san li (leg 3 mile) gives you more energy.  It can be used to help stomachache, nausea, vomiting,  tinnitus, palpations.   ST36 also induces the telomerase enzyme which conserves the ends of the DNA chromosomes telomeres.  This potentially can help us live longer lives!  It is a longevity point.

SP6 “San yin jiao” (meeting point of the 3 yin channels of the leg) the Kidney (source if Qi), Spleen (makes the blood) and Liver (stores the blood).  SP6 is an important point for anything related to the blood, gynecological problems, reproduction and even beauty and longevity.

As we age our Yin energy tends to decline, SP6 helps to harmonize the yin energy (qi) of those 3 organs and strengthens their  cooperation in helping to regulate their function of making yin (qi).   Making this one of my favorite points!”

Charts of ST36 & SP6, found by googling these points, are below. 

Vocal Cords Local Direct, Innervation & Reflexology

One of the Physicians who owns an Electro-Equiscope recently asked if the device could help vocal cords.  His patient is a well known preacher who is speaking often and with great passion.  

Yes!  I have experienced first hand what the Equiscope can do for the voice.  I sometimes sing lullabies to my daughters and I’ve noticed that on the occasions that I’ve used the Equiscope on or around my head, neck and face the same day, my voice is clearer and range is better. 

Note that the acupuncture points for the vocal cords are very similar to the myofascial release points for the head, neck and jaw.  

There are many accesses to the vocal cords, including the vocal cord innervation, related auricular points in the ear as wekk as reflexology points on the hands and feet.  Below is a unique chart of vocal cord access points in the palm of the hand.  

Regardless of wether someone is complaining of strained vocal cords, a broken bone or a chronic inflammatory disease, we always recommend improving hydration, specifically with electrolytes.   Electrolytes are are minerals in the body that have an electrical charge so they benefit hydration as well as the body’s ability to hold a charge and utilize energy effectively. 

Extraordinary Ancestral Vessels- Accessing Genetics

Above is a chart of the most distal points of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels, which run deep within our bodies, and supply the 12 regular meridians with qi and blood, supporting our DNA or genetic heritage.   

They are considered to be the first to form, the deepest energetic structuring and the carriers of our ancestral energy which corresponds to our genetics.  Here are two variations of the Master-Coupling points of 8 the Extraordinary Ancestral Vessels.

Du SI 3 opens sea of yang/ opens the body Du (Governing vessel) “Sea of Yang” 
Dai GB 41 Dai (Girdling vessel/belt) 
LU 7 – KID 6 front of the body also known as the “Sea of Yin” or the Ren (Conception vessel)
Hong P 6  “Sea of Blood” 
The other 4 of the 8 Extraordinary (Ancestral vessels) share the same points but, are stimulated in the opposite order:
Yin qiao KID 6 – LU 7
Yang qiao UB 62 – SI 3
Yin wei PC 6 – SP 4
Yang wei SJ 5 – GB 41
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