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Electro - Equiscope® Training & Therapy
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Micro Current Contraindications

Magnetic Shunt Awareness, Contraindication 

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Some important news here:

In addition to Pregnancy and Demand Pacemaker, any battery operated surgically implanted devices, including magnetic shunts such as the Codman Hakim Programmable Valve System, are a contraindication,   Do NOT apply micro current to people who have these types of surgical implants.   In some instances, such as with pain stimulators, the implant can be turned off, micro current may be permissible with confirmation from the manufacturer and prescription from the overseeing physician.

One such case that I am so grateful to share with you all is Kelly Thorne.  See her recent testimonial below.  (We love you Kelly!)

“I was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) in 2017.  What started as a pain in my foot, led to multiple spinal surgeries. CRPS left me in a wheelchair and unable to walk.   The pain was so severe it felt like my leg was on fire with no relief.  I ended up having a spinal stimulator embedded in my spinal cord.  The spinal stimulator allowed me to get enough relief to be able to walk.  The pain was still severe and felt unmanageable, not to mention, I had to take an opioid in order to sleep at night.  I searched all over the country for optional treatments.  I looked at mayo and other pain management opportunities.  I had a friend tell me about Equiscope. I spoke with the Thorp institute and decided this was my best option.  Traveling to the Thorp Institute was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  My leg and foot were completely disabled and I was left unable to walk within 2 minutes of turning off my spinal stimulator.  It took only a few treatments before I started getting the feeling back into my leg.  I am now living my life without my spinal stimulator turned on and opioid free!!!!

The technology and the care given by Cambria and staff at the Thorp Institute were wonderful.  I was only there for a few days and the grace, kindness and care they showed me was life-changing.  I still hear from Cambria and the staff on a weekly basis.  Thank you Thorp Institute for giving me my life back”!!!

-Kelly Thorne (CRPS patient)

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