Electro - Equiscope® Training & Therapy
Painless • Effective Therapy

Electro - Equiscope® Training & Therapy
Painless • Effective Therapy

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Thorp Institute Micro-Current Therapy Machine

Pain Management

The Electro Equiscope targets impedance, which is blockage or resistance to the body’s natural energy flow. The Equiscope infuses charge into the tissue and this creates an instantaneous rate of exchange, the Equiscope’s biofeedback monitors and corrects the value of the changing quantities.  This infusion of charge changes the value of the tissue to how it was before the injury occurred.  The brain recognizes the infusion of charge as its own energy since the Equiscope delivered the charge at the same amplitude that the brain was attempting to infuse but was blocked. The Equiscope is capable of normalizing and relaxing the tissue to its natural electrical state so it can heal itself. Since the value of the tissue has changed, so does the way the brain responds to the tissue. This infusion of charge is recognized as defeating the battle created by the injury so the inflammatory response from the brain is no longer needed since the battle has been won. The injury created the impedance and the Equiscope removed it. 

Sports Medicine

Thorp Institute is the leader in getting athletes back on the field fast.  In most cases, we cut the healing time in half, as was the case with Branden Oliver, the running back for the Los Angeles Chargers.  After Branden’s torn off Achilles was surgically reattached to the bone, Oliver recovered using the Electro-Equiscope and was game ready in 4.5 months. Darren Sproles, a 13-year running back in the NFL, currently with the Super Bowl victors the Philadelphia Eagles, recovered from his ACL injury in half the time as well using the Electro-Equiscope. Sproles’ Team could not believe his recovery and would not allow him to practice a week before the Super Bowl.  Although Sproles did not play, he was game ready by Superbowl Sunday. The Electro-Equiscope was also instrumental in bringing back Hall of Fame Jockey, Gary Stevens, at 55 years of age is riding better than ever.  As Gary says “I’m riding like a kid with a man’s brain!” Olympic and professional Volleyball player Lauren Fendrick Said after a performance enhancement protocol with the Equiscope, “I felt more grounded, poppy fast, faster than normal.”

Well-Being & Detoxification

In 1991 two German scientists proved that cells are controlled electrically. Dr. Neher and Dr. Sakmann were awarded the Nobel Prize in Science by developing a patch clamp that could isolate and detect the incredible small tunnel like structures that are now known as voltage sensitive ion channels.  These voltage sensitive ion channels are important as they allow waste product out of the cells and nutrients to come in. The voltage sensitive gates function optimally when the membrane potential flows across the cell, then the control gates open. The Equiscope infuses charge creating this electrical membrane potential restoring the cell to its electrical homeostasis.  Thus allowing the cell to release waste product while allowing nutrients to be absorbed.  Hence, taking a cell from a degenerative state to a regenerative state in a matter of mill-seconds.  Thus the cell is capable of making a healthier and healthier cell.  From an electrical point of view every cell in the body have similar characteristics as they all have a positive charge on one side of the non-conducting medium known as the dielectric and a negative charge on the other side of the dielectric just like the cells in a battery.  If the non-conducting medium is challenged due to damage injury or disease the cell will lose the ability to holds its charge.  The Equiscope strengthens the non-conducting medium by infusing the perfect amount of negative and positive ions on both sides strengthening the cells ability to hold charge.  The immune system is based on the body’s ability to hold charge, exterior forces causing damage and Disease.

Beauty Care

The Electro Equiscope also has a connective tissue modality.  Sign waves match the frequency of all of the connective tissues including muscles, tendons ligaments as well as bone. Your skin is a reflection of your health inner existence and thus the skin reflects the internal wellness of the person.  The Equiscope is capable of tightening and toning the muscles reducing the appearance of wrinkles while fueling skin cells with the proper nutrients at the cellular level.  The enhancement of collage and elastin support a healthier outer body to reflecting the inner body. Skin cells are the fastest cells to regenerate and are the instrumental keys to supplying the perfect charge to reflect a glowing appearance.  

Equine & Animal Care

In 2012 John Thorp trained a well-known trainer’s son to use the evolving technology of the Electro-Equiscope on a 2-year old colt by the name of I’ll Have Another.  This little colt had amazing speed but had chronic inflammation in his ankles.  He lost his first two races before being purchased by J. Paul Reddam and trained by Doug O’Neill.  After 30 days of training this little unknown horse came out at his first race with the odds of 43 to 1, a huge long shot!  Since the technology had removed all of the inflammation from the chronically sore ankles, he was ready to run and with those odds we placed a large bet to see “I’ll Have Another” crush the field by six lengths.  He went on to the win the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness in 2012. A little unknown colt that was purchased for $35,000 was sold to the Japanese for stud for $10 million dollars just 6 months after we began working on him.

Fast-forward to 2018, Itsinthepost and River Boyne, two horses trained by Jeff Mullins have gone from obscurity to both being undefeated in 2018 and earnings of over $500,000. In the first 3 months.  We continue to show amazing results with all types of injuries and disease including a horse that was diagnosed with EMP a neurological disorder that can cripple a horse.  After 3 weeks of treatment with the Equiscope that horse went on to win its first race.  This was a feat that was thought to be impossible.


Equiscope Practitioners

The Thorp Institute offers a complete support system to market and direct patients to our associated practitioners and technicians. The following are the licensed practitioners that are using the Equiscope in their clinics. For more information about our available technicians and their training programs call us.


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