Electro - Equiscope® Training & Therapy
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Electro - Equiscope® Training & Therapy
Painless • Effective Therapy

Opiate Epidemic is at a Crisis Level

The opiate epidemic is at a crisis level. Did you see the add on Super bowl Sunday? ” If you have Opiate induced constipation use ______ I won’t mention the name of the medication. This 3 million dollar add equates to over 28 million people being addicted to opiates.   Do you think we are in Afghanistan to teach those people a better way of life and how to grow corn? No our sons and daughters in the military are risking their lives to guard the Poppy fields that are producing opium that our country is consuming.  

To see Tom Petty and Prince both die from bootlegged Vicodin is just Unacceptable. These talented but tortured men died because they were unaware that the pain medication that they were taking could kill them.   “Death by Medicine has far surpassed heart disease and cancer.”   To see kids in upper middle class cities that can no longer find the opiates in there parents and grand parents medicine cabinets because the doctors are under scrutiny for prescribing them are finding it elsewhere, and they do not have to look far. Black tar heroine is every where and it no longer has the stigma of being for losers, the drug addicts and the bums. To see the upper middle class and the wealthy kids sitting in their BMW’s injecting Black tar heroine into their veins is at an epidemic level. Addiction is at an all time high.  Someone has got to step up and say no more!!! There is a better way! That someone is Me.  

Had i not experienced this therapy myself I would not have believed it as well. In 1986 I broke the tibia fibula and the femur all under the knee joint and was told with out a total knee replacement I would walk with a cane or an extreme limp for the rest of my life.  I reached out to a good friend of mine who I had recently worked with on his show, “The Six Million Dollar man”. Lee Majors recommended that I fly to California and visit Dr Kerlan and Dr. Jobe that were using an electrical therapy device in their physical therapy department that was getting the elite and the professional athletes back on the playing field in half the time. I took his advice and never looked back.  I was treated at Kerlan and Jobe until my funds ran out and then I purchased the device for myself. I ran a triathlon a little over year from the date of my injury.  

Common sense medicine  Just think about it. We are all diagnosed with EEG’s EKG’s EMG’s etc… What does the “E” stand for? “Electro” How do they bring you back to life if you have a major heart Attack? What do they use? A Defibrillator. So if we are diagnosed Electrically and brought back to life electrically why are we not being treated electrically?   We now can be treated electrically using an emerging technology known as the Electro Equiscope. This FDA registered class II medical device has been beta tested in every walk of Medicine for the past 30 years. The results have been outstanding.  

We are looking for Medical doctors, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Doctors of oriental Medicine and Naturopathic Doctors in every major city that have a room available and a designated person available that would like to be trained in the use of The Electro Equiscope.   Our next training will be held here in Carlsbad California May 17th thru the 19th with a hands on approach and training with Okky Oei MD on Saturday the 19th. Dr. Oei has been involved with this technology for over 30 years.   The Electro Equiscope therapy incorporates the use of, trigger points, Reflexology, Chinese Acupuncture points, channels and Meridians in combination with missile guidance chip technology.   We look at the body in an electrical point of view. This technology seeks out and corrects impedance or blockage and resistance at the cellular level and restores membrane potential.   Please watch the following video and see what these doctors and their Patients have to say about the results that they have obtained using the Electro Equiscope.   https://youtu.be/wqwGHUYNu_8  

The good news is, we can train anybody in 2 to 3 days to get remarkable results in the reduction of chronic pain.   A new profit stream for every office.   The Electro Equiscope is generating an average of over $300,000 per year per device per room in Medical offices. We have been offered several news media programs that would like to feature our therapy due to our incredible results with some very high profile and well known, current as well as retired NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA and NHL Players.

I do not want to do these media events without having a network that is trained and ready to receive an influx of new patients.   We need a referral network of well trained technicians that we can send patients that are seeking this non drug approach to their chronic pain issues.   We have been featured in the past on several local as well as national news media shows, and yes those shows filled my clinics but it was heart breaking to return phone calls from people from all over the country and the world, that saw the show and were excited that there was a non drug and non invasive therapy that was helping to remove pain and suffering from every living creature.   I returned hundreds of calls and It was heartbreaking to tell people that yes this therapy was very successful in the reduction of chronic pain but I had no one in their area that could treat them. I made a pledge then and there that I would not do any further national media coverage until I had a network of clinics across the country that could supply the demand.  

I currently have 60 devices ready to be placed in every major city. We will kick off our marketing campaign of “Pain Free Electrically” and offering the first treatment FREE!!!   Please join us in our campaign to improve health care quality while lowering health care costs.  

If you are interested please feel free to give us a call. I promise you I will make you an offer you cannot refuse.   Sincerely,  John Thorp  CEO  Thorp Institute of Integrated Medicine  858-539-6111T

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