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Bioelectricity: How Our Cells Talk to Each Other

diagram of neurons connecting to illustrate bioelectricity communication in cells

You probably know that when an electrician holds a voltmeter on a cable, they want to see if there’s a charge. It’s one way of diagnosing which part of a device is not working. The meter measures voltage through the wires. Around 80 to 100 years ago, scientists including Louis Langman and Harold Burr were doing this kind of investigation with human tissue. They believed all living tissue had electrical properties or bioelectricity.

And they were right. Our cells communicate with each other via bioelectrical signals: They found changes in the voltage gradient along a human vaginal canal when cancerous cells were in the vicinity. Ninety-five out of 102 cases that registered strong voltage fluctuation had malignancies.

Over the years, however, we’ve increased our understanding of bioelectricity. We now realize that all our cellular processes organize themselves by sending out electrical signals. Humans (and all living creatures) are a complete electrical circuit.

You probably know people who reject this idea. They believe non-traditional therapies based on energy – like acupuncture and so-called “tapping” (EFT) – are woo-woo.

In fact, our autonomic nervous system – which regulates and supports many of our internal processes – depends on this electrical circuit being fully functional!

But just because scientists now focus on gene therapy, this doesn’t lessen the importance of bioelectricity and bioenergetics for health and healing. So let’s look at it a bit more closely.

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Is Bioelectricity the Same As Grid Electricity?

No! Grid electricity can give you a shock. It’s a current made up of negatively charged electrons.

Bioelectricity, on the other hand, comes from the positively charged ions of minerals and electrolytes in our body – like potassium, sodium, calcium, etc.

These ion channels only accept certain frequencies, and function at a trillionth of an amp. It’s crucial, therefore, that these ions have enough energy to jump across cell membranes. That’s how your cells communicate!

And the implications are significant. With energy able to move across membranes via voltage-gated ion channels, your cells can establish bioelectric patterns of coordination, feedback, and memory between cells. It’s like a well-organized business, making decisions at executive level that are carried out by the other employees.

The result on your body is the difference between wellness and ill health.

How Do Cells Use Their Bioelectrical Energy for Wellness?

1 They keep your body in homeostasis or balance, sending messages to and from the brain to every nerve that controls your movements, feelings, and thoughts. Without bioelectric communication in your cells, there would be nothing to integrate your molecules into the organism that is you and hold you in healthy balance.

2 They take in nutrients and remove waste material to keep you functioning healthily. If this process fails due to injury or disease:

  • The bioelectrical charge is lessened (the bioimpedance is wrong).
  • The cells can’t communicate efficiently across the membranes.
  • Energy bypasses those cells so they’re unable to process nutrients and waste.
  • The healing process stalls, and they remain damaged.

The only solution is, therefore, to restore the appropriate and correct energy charge to allow cell communication to restart.

How Can We Restore a Correct Energy Charge?

The answer is that bioenergetics microcurrent technology applies it from outside the body. Carefully controlled amounts of energy reactivate damaged and poorly performing cells to kickstart your body’s normal healing process.

Over the years, a number of technologies have been able to help renew and restore homeostasis to our cells’ bioelectricity. These technologies are now advanced and can

  • decipher abnormal tissue response,
  • send an adjusted and highly targeted form of microcurrent back through the skin to improve the electrical potential of the cells, and
  • help bring cells back to their proper working state that uses the body’s natural energy.

When you’re injured or unwell, you need to restore energetic cellular communication in your body so you can regain full health of body and mind.

If you’d like to learn more about bioelectricity and new wellness fields, contact the Thorp Institute team today.

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