Electro - Equiscope® Training & Therapy
Painless • Effective Therapy

Electro - Equiscope® Training & Therapy
Painless • Effective Therapy

About TI

About Thorp Institute of Integrated Medicine

Microcurrent Therapy & Training Center

Established in 1995 Thorp Institute (TI) is an Integrative Medicine Training and Therapy Center. It is leading authority on advanced microcurrent technologies. The only distributor in the world to distribute the technology known as the Electro-Equiscope, TI today serves as the teaching facility for health practitioners and technicians. Located in North County San Diego, TI is also a clinical office where patients and practitioners can experience the integrative therapies.

TI shares offices with its sister company, Intelligent Bioenergetics, Inc., which was established in 2014 to sell and distribute intelligent bioenergetics technologies.

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For T.I. technicians and associates feel free to print and re-label as needed.

For more information about the Equiscope device see our sister company Intelligent Bioenergetics, Inc. at IntellBio.com.

We Also Offer Training
To Become An Equiscope Technician

Thorp Institute is the leading Micro-Current Training Center. Whether you’re looking to stay healthy, or want to learn about the latest industry trends, the Thorp Institute is here for you.


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