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About This Course

Thorp Institute Technician Training program for Electro-Equiscope® teaches how to apply Thorp Institute proprietary protocols for the benefit of health and wellness. Students learn proven protocols developed and tested in clinics and hospitals over three decades by John S. Thorp.

Course Logistics and Content

  • Group in-person trainings.
  • All classes and materials are also available in the online training center.
  • Private trainings are available upon request.
  • Training materials issued include manuals, charts, and videos.
  • Training includes hands-on experience implementing proprietary protocols, equipment safety and maintenance.

Course Material

  • Course Goals & Objectives
  • Foundational Concepts
  • Methods, Guidelines & Protocols
  • Health Forms and SOAP Notes


50 Lessons

Section 1: Course Preparation, Description, Goals & Objectives

Course Preparation
Goals & Objectives

Section 2: Description, Comparison, Function, Benefits, Applications, Contraindications, Specifications & Therapeutic Expectations

Section 3: The Electro-Equiscope® Control Panel, Dials, Settings, Functions & Guidelines

Section 4: Setting Gain & Thorp Institutes Protocols

Section 5: Manufacturer’s Procedures & Protocols

Section 6: Instrument Maintenance, Sanitation & Repair

Section 7: Positioning & Mobility

Section 8: Technician Guidelines & Recommendations

Section 9: Gel & Cream Function & Descriptions

Section 10: Insurance, Billing & Marketing

Section 11: Additional Protocols & Reference Material

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