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Electro - Equiscope® Training & Therapy
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grpahic of a hand tending a plant to illustrate bioenergetics

What is Bioenergetics and Why is it Important?

What is bioenergetics and why are you reading about it right now? You’ve probably stumbled upon the topic while looking for a less conventional solution for what ails you. But topics like bioenergetics can be confusing. We know that, so we’ll break the explanation of bioenergetics down to help you understand why it’s essential to […]

part diagram of nerves, cells, and neurons to illustrate autonomous nervous system

Your Autonomic Nervous System: Harmonization for Health

In a perfect world, our bodies are completely able to heal themselves. Our autonomic nervous system ensures that! Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world, so our bodies often need some help to heal themselves fully. For instance, chronic pain may show up as a result of an injury, a neurological disorder, or various […]

How Does the Natural Electricity of the Human Body Work?

Believe it or not, science confirms that electricity doesn’t just flow through your TV or your microwave – it runs through your body, too. It’s true — electricity is essential for cell-to-cell communication, which keeps your body functional. What’s more, researchers from the University of Washington and the University of Boston have revealed that even […]

Amazing Results Electro Equiscope

AMAZING RESULTS!!! Electro Equiscope helping my body heal from these multiple fractures in my foot/ankle in just 6 WEEKS!! Orthopedic says,”100% healed” Physical Therapist says, “You are my fastest healer!!” Take a look at these phenomenal 3D pics from my CT scan! Also, before and after pics. Incredible science and technology that the Electro Equiscope […]

Get Relief From Pain With This Effective Therapy

As a leader in the field of mental health, Amen Clinics has treated an array of psychiatric conditions over the past 29 years and has amassed the world’s largest database of brain scans at 150,000 and growing. Though many people have come to know about us due to the remarkable results we’ve seen with brain SPECT […]

Micro Current Contraindications

Magnetic Shunt Awareness, Contraindication  Greetings Friends, Some important news here: In addition to Pregnancy and Demand Pacemaker, any battery operated surgically implanted devices, including magnetic shunts such as the Codman Hakim Programmable Valve System, are a contraindication,   Do NOT apply micro current to people who have these types of surgical implants.   In some instances, such as with pain stimulators, […]

Opiate Epidemic is at a Crisis Level

The opiate epidemic is at a crisis level. Did you see the add on Super bowl Sunday? ” If you have Opiate induced constipation use ______ I won’t mention the name of the medication. This 3 million dollar add equates to over 28 million people being addicted to opiates.   Do you think we are […]